Chiropractic is the study, art, philosophy, and treatment of the spine and extremities in its relationship to generalized health. The spine and related segments of the innate body are constantly trying to maintain normal motion. Often, these segments become disrupted due to trauma, toxins, or disease. These disruptions or “subluxations” impede not only joints, but also the associated discs, nerves, vessels, ligaments, and tendons which then inhibit the body’s ability to maintain normal homeostasis. Subluxations can lead to lameness, poor performance, behavior issues, and ill thrift.

Unlike bipeds (humans), quadrupeds (horses) use every joint in their body for locomotion. For example, a restricted joint in the neck can contribute to a gait alteration in the hind limbs. Dr. Christensen completed a six month continuing education course at Parker Chiropractic College studying the effects of chiropractic care in animals. The course emphasized the use of the clinician’s hands as the only means of adjusting these fixed joints. Horses, in particular, respond well to the adjustments and make excellent patients when this modality is used with traditional medicine.

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