Regardless of their size, age, breed or use, we believe that all equines need routine dental examinations. From draft horses to minis and all those in between, they each deserve the best dental care.

The horse is a foraging animal that will normally spend at least 16 hours a day grazing. The amount of time spent grazing naturally wears down the normal tooth crown eruption of 2-3mm per year. Unfortunately, many domesticated horses do not have the opportunity to graze and usually finish all of their feed in 3 hours or less. Due to this, they cannot maintain normal tooth wear and develop sharp points on their teeth which lead to oral ulcers, improper tooth alignment, and the inability to chew properly. As a result, domestic horses require more frequent dental care.

During our semi-annual visits, we will check your horseā€²s mouth for potential issues and let you know if the teeth require attention. Our doctors are very experienced in equine dentistry and have the equipment to do an outstanding job. We use a PowerFloat to grind down the points and correct the alignment of the teeth. In order to provide your horse with the least traumatic and most pain-free experience possible, we sedate all horses during this procedure and use local anesthesia and nerve blocks when necessary. power floatOur doctors are also equipped to perform other dental procedures such as: wolf tooth removal, extractions, incisor reduction and alignment, canine tooth reduction, and calculus removal.

Our goal is to provide safe and effective dental care for your horse. All of our dental equipment is portable allowing us to offer our services at your home, boarding stable, or at our facility. Please contact our office at (480) 966-0624 to schedule an appointment for your horse today!