Digital radiography is a recent advancement in equine veterinary practice. Digital radiographs, or digital X-rays, are images that are captured digitally on a special plate and then transferred to a computer where they are stored and can be viewed immediately. Our Digital X-ray unit is portable so that it can be taken into the field, directly to the horse, which eliminates the stress of hauling a lame horse into the clinic.

Digital radiographs offer many advantages over conventional X-rays. The resolution of the images is far superior and the radiographs can be enlarged and manipulated to reveal problems that might not otherwise be visible. Each image is captured, verified, and saved on the computer in seconds which significantly decreases the waiting time since the x-rays do not have to be taken off site to be developed. If the image does not turn out exactly how the veterinarian desires, immediate retakes can be preformed.

Horses and their owners benefit greatly from this technology because they usually receive an on-site diagnosis, which allows for immediate treatment if necessary.

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