For so long, many of you have been wondering about your horse’s stomach and the possibility of ulcers, so let’s have a little quiz. Which of the following scenarios could be related to your horse having ulcers?

  • Your horse is inexplicably losing weight.
  • Your horse has a poor hair coat.
  • Your horse is a slow eater, sometimes leaving his hay, especially at events.
  • Your horse seems to be a little colicky now and again.
  • Your horse seems to have lost some performance lately.
  • Your horse seems to have a bad attitude, can be “grouchy.

So, which of these common concerns are likely to be from ulcers? If you guessed all of them, you’ve probably had a horse with ulcers before! It’s true; all of these signs and more can be seen in a horse with ulcers.

Don’t be fooled into thinking your horse does not have ulcers because he is not a “nervous” horse. Studies have shown that somewhere between 30% and 80% of horses have ulcers, many of which, if treated, would result in interesting and wonderful changes. We have seen them! We are excited to announce that we now offer portable video endoscopy! This is a high resolution camera, three meters in length, that connects to a screen for everyone to see what the doctor is seeing. This procedure can take place at your home or at the stable. We already know that you take good care of what you can see on the outside, let’s take a good look with the endoscope and uncover what’s inside.

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