I have really enjoyed the informative content about horses on your site. Thank you!

– Brandon

We LOVE Dr. Cooper!

– JMcQ

Extremely pleased with the care of my special old boy.

– Sheryl

Both Vet and Tech were wonderful: thorough, friendly, knowledgeable, patient, & gentle with my horse.

– Kathy

Dr. Christensen and Dr. Cooper are the best!

– Joan

East Valley Equine has been my horses’ vet for over 10 years. I wouldn’t go any where else, their knowledge is incredibly important to me. I have never felt to question their medical expertise. Dr Christensen and Dr Copper are the best. I would recommend them to anyone who has equine friends.

– Amy

I was quite impressed that the assistant called to check up on Coyote! And I felt very comfortable and confident that Dr. Cooper knew exactly what needed to be done, and explained perfectly, what my job was, and how I was to do it. Thank you!!

– Becky

Excellent care of my horses and respond to calls and need for visits promptly. Dr. Cooper is extremely knowledgeable, competent and caring. Dr. Cooper has a great sense of humor and is easy to talk to. That is important when your horse is sick and you are worried. Very, very highly recommended!!

– Susan

Superior service! Wonderful experience.

– Willow

Thank you for your attentiveness to my horse’s needs. I appreciate your professionalism in the way your business is run. Phone calls are returned promptly by the veterinarian and all my concerns are addressed. The diagnostic skill and treatment protocol utilized by both Dr. Christensen and Dr. Cooper is unparalleled. Thank you!

– Linda

Thanks so much for all you guys do for us. You guys are great!!!

– Kim

Nice people, great service, and they truly care about the welfare of your horse!

– Sammi

Both Dr. Cooper and Dr. Christensen are the nicest vets! And Christine and Dave are really great too. Thanks for being there for us and the horses.

– Carol

Dr. Cooper responded to my wife’s frantic help call for our new foal that wasn’t nursing and was in severe dehydration. He arrived when he said he would, and was very professional and caring with both the foal and a mare who was understandably being ultra-protective. Have to say that we were very impressed with Dr. Cooper and his assistant.

– Larry Jones

Thanks for the follow up phone call to check on my horse’s welfare. Always a good experience!

– Pam

Dr. Cooper has been our vet through our entire ownership of Ginger. I think he does an excellent job. He is knowledgeable, professional, and willing to answer any and all questions.

– Andrew

Can’t think of anything that isn’t being done already…You are outstanding!!

– Adrienne

Service is great and really helped us out!!

– Jared

Always helpful, always patient with my questions, and I appreciate the follow-up calls.

– Jane

I couldn’t imagine a better experience for my horse or myself. Terrific communication skills by knowledgable, caring staff and DVM’s!

– Linda

Dr. Cooper is great. He always gets our horses healthy.

– Carolyn

I had a very devastating couple weeks with my injured filly, the entire staff at East Valley Equine were amazing, quick to return my calls, accomodating with scheduling for appointments, a genuine concern for my filly, very patient and calm with her which is a major thing for me, not to mention the expertise in their care, I work in the medical profession and appreciate the hard work and dedication this practice has to the horses and owners that they serve. Thank You!

– Kathleen

I was apprehensive having to call a vet I hadn’t met but my horse needed attention for a non-healing laceration and I got a referral from a friend. You’d never know I hadn’t met Dr. Cooper before. Friendly and professional, he and his tech took great care of my horse.

– Tawni McBee

Last Saturday, June 13th, my 20 year old gelding ,Andy, became very ill. I called East Valley Equine and Dr. Christensen came to my home. After hours of treatment my horse unfortunately passed away. Dr. Christensen was wonderful, caring and sympathetic and did everything possible to save our baby. He even made arrangements for us to have him picked up, it was 10:30 at night , and we were in no condition to handle this. He is a wonderful man and vet, we thank him so much.

– Lisa Abe

I just wanted to extend our heart felt thanks to Dr. Cooper and Peggy Reed (The Last Ride) for the care and compassion extended during the passing of our Quarter Horse, “Buddy”. At 33 years of age, Bud had come along way. His passing was very gentle, and we couldnt have asked for anything more.

– Kurt Nelson

Thank you Laura for all your help this last few days. I am very grateful to you for going the extra mile for me and my Sedona. You’re wonderful!! Lisa Abe and Sedona

– Lisa Abe

My horse had been examined by a veterinary not from East Valley Equine and was on antibiotics for a swollen, weeping painful eye that was not improving after 3 weeks. I called Dr. Cooper for a second opinion. After about 10 seconds of looking at the swollen upper eyelid he found a foreign body that had caused an ulcer on the cornea! He thoroughly examined the eye, formed a treatment plan, and gave clear concise instructions for care. I was very impressed with his clinical skills and his compassion for my horse.

– Karen Melanie Black

East Valley Equine is top notch! Dr. Christensen and Dr. Cooper have always been there for us when we needed them, especially in an emergency. They have pulled our horses through some rough times. And when it came down to needing to put my horse out of her misery because there was nothing more that could be done, Laura, Dr. Cooper and Peggy at The Last Ride were very sympathetic, understanding and supportive of my feelings and professional in their dealings with us through a very heartbreaking time. I could not ask for better care! Thank you so much!

– Lynn Barela